You are a Creative at heart.  You have Entrepreneurial ideas.  You seek Liberation, Full Self-Expression, Power, Beauty, Love, Celebration.

You want to feel Aligned, On Purpose, + Giving Your Gifts to the World.

You want to feel Happy + Fulfilled.

You want to feel - Truly - Alive.

Book a Life Coaching Session with Me + Let's Answer the Call of Your True, Authentic Soul.

A few years ago, I experienced a colossal sticking point in my creative life. I made marginal progress on my goals, but was mostly blocked, unorganized and increasingly frustrated with the myriad flash-in-the-pan solutions and self-hack efforts which roundly yielded little to no progress.
When I consulted Debra the AMAZER about my creative dilemma and asked for guidance, I had a hard time shaking the notion that this would just be another vain attempt to kick start the dead horse. Quite the contrary came to bear.

Following our first session I felt, for the first time in literally years, empowered and energize to execute a plan. But it wasn’t just about the rote execution of a plan. Debra took a very patient whole systems look at how I was living (i.e. spirituality, diet, exercise, emotional health etc) and through a series of intimate conversations, many characterized by my reliable torrent of concerns and self-analysis for which she listened with amazing focus and poignant inquisitiveness, she facilitated the environment in which I could make the internal shift towards integrity for my goals.

With her help (and her help really was the magic bullet) I was able to overcome my creative stagnation and record and release my first solo album as a guitarist. I can attribute my ongoing artistic executive function in large part to the deftness of Debra’s coaching. And it is because she helped me to bolster my familial, spiritual, emotional and intellectual life that the initial objective, and others in likeness ongoing, was made possible in perpetuity.

Such a rare, warm and masterful guide Debra Mazer proved to be in my journey with her.
— Aaron Danks, Musical Artist, Lullaby for a Toon
Wow. Just after my first coaching session I am feeling uber empowered to FULLY step into the most powerful, awesome & effective version of myself!

Debra gracefully held a safe and contained space in which intuition & flow were welcomed and at the same time actionably addressed - tying ALL topics back into a cohesive session!

I left with a renewed sense of energy to TAKE ON the exciting challenges in my life that I had beforehand been feeling overwhelmed with.

Just having her to hold that space for me, and offer her graceful and well communicated wisdom was more than enough to send me on my way to greater financial success embodiment, renewed energy, healthier and happier relationships, and most importantly; a plan to take immediate action on to ACTIVATE MY LIFE!

I know that with continued sessions with her, the doors to my inner bravery box will fly open, empowering me to fully transcend my fears into great sources of power, strength, & wisdom!
— Haley Sharack, HaleySharack.com

My Approach:

My Life Coaching approach is based in the Law of Attraction, the Wisdom of the Body, + turning our Greatest Wounds/ Childhood Patterns into our Greatest Gifts.  So, we Play in the Light, but we also go Deep to the Source to Transform Patterns for Good!

I graduated from LifeWorks School of Coaching in Atlanta, GA, 7 years ago.  It is a 9-month Life Coaching Training, + almost felt like a cross between Coaching + Group Therapy.  This informs my approach.  I can go deep with you.  We can unearth the healing that will transform everything.  We can also keep it more about Action Steps + the here + now.  It is up to you.  It is what your Soul wants, for the time...

I am also a Certified Prayer Warrior by Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles.  I am currently SUPER INTO the power of Affirmative Prayer.  So, I am happy to weave Affirmative Prayer into your Session if you so desire....

We are the right fit if:  You have Creative Ideas, You are curious about Spirituality + are starting on your Spiritual Path, + You're on the verge of Life Transformation!  You believe you have your own answers + truth inside.  You would benefit by sharing with someone who is a wealth of resources + accountability, who also has a gift of intuition + sensitivity to your heart + Your Truth.  ;)

We are probably not the right fit if:  You need someone to kick your a$% + tell you exactly what to do, without exploring what’s true for YOU. (I can kick you, but ultimately it’s YOU who is the source of your own truth and well-being!)

The Logistics:

For Coaching, we can work over the Phone, Skype, Zoom, or In Person.  The phone is truly great, + can save a lot of time with traffic, etc.  I am somewhat intuitive + can read your energy over the phone.  Sometimes, we go even deeper this way.  ;)

Ideally, I recommend 3 months as a Perfect amount of Time to Truly make a lasting transformation, + not just a temporary change.  It really does take 3 months at least, to anchor in a New Reality.

Some people like Coaching every Week; some people like every Other Week. 

You will know what is right for You.

Debra’s coaching was both grounding and transformational. I had admired her work for years and finally decided to engage Debra as a coach when I realized I was in an extremely toxic and abusive work relationship that I needed to extricate myself from. I wanted not just to improve my work, but also to learn the lessons I needed to learn so that I didn’t find myself in the same situation again.

Having Debra to listen to me and help me process my thoughts and emotions was extremely helpful. Her insights and suggestions helped push me to where I wanted to be personally and professionally.

Within two months of engaging Debra, I had a new and better job making more money with more freedom. She really helped me get to the root of some deep problems and held a safe space for me to confront some very scary fears.
— Anonymous
Debra took me on a remarkable journey of transformation. She is very insightful and knew exactly what I need to support me in my goals. Not only did she help me discover new ways of eating, she also helped me discover myself. Thank you Debra for your great gift of transformation!
— F.B.
Through Debra’s Life Coaching Sessions + her Artist’s Way Group, I regained my spirituality (which is amazing!) + clarity about my Artist’s Path.

Her wisdom is abundant + she radiates love. She will change your outlook in unexpected + rewarding ways.
— Anonymous
Simply put, Debra is serendipity. She is quite possibly the most down-to-earth person I know, and the most in-sync and in-touch coach I’ve ever had. She listens for who I really am and for what I truly desire, and has this way of bringing great things out of me in a series of seemingly self-developed “ah-ha” moments, as Oprah would could them.

Debra’s spirit shines bright and every call with her lights me up. She always speaks the truth and has a knack for bringing it out in me as well.

After being out of touch for a year, we reconnected (serendipitously, of course) and just one phone call with Debra changed my whole outlook on my job search. After being in a pessimistic slump, she highlighted my real passions and helped me cultivate ways to practically pursue them. I’ve probably had my most productive job search week yet (and thanks to Debra’s guidance, it didn’t involve any tooth pulling)!

Thanks, Debra for sharing your wonderful energy, intuition, vibrance, and serendipity!
— Naseem G.
I came to Debra for help on my career, and even though she has not worked in my field, she was a great person to help me get focused on what I truly wanted. As a Life Coach, Debra is kind and patient, and she gently encouraged me to focus on what would bring me the most joy in my life, and trust that what brings me joy is the path worth taking. Debra’s enthusiasm for life is infectious, and I found that I felt lighter and better able to take action steps towards my vision after talking with her. Thank you, Debra!
— Lauren Carrane, sharppencilmarketing.com
Debra has an eclectic coaching approach of encouraging her clients to express their unique authenticity and own their organic greatness.
— Farra Allen, Director, LifeWorksSchoolofCoaching.com
My sessions with Debra Mazer have dazzled my reality with a whole new glimpse into a magical realm of possibilities refreshing and reaffirming my life’s purpose. All is well in this world when we can focus upon the beauty and move into it from where ever we begin... Debra Mazer is a facilitator of high excellence for holding space for blossoming, and morphing into the beings we came here to be.
— N.S.F.
I found [Debra’s] style professional, her demeanor upbeat and supportive, and her comments and suggestions insightful and accurate.  Debra is a warm and caring person who has her clients’ best interests at heart.  We all say that, but with Debra it’s really true.  I enjoyed working with Debra, and I would recommend her as a Life Coach to anyone.
— Frank Brown
Almost ten years ago, Debra came to my home and helped me bring order and beauty to my art studio. With her gentle, joyful presence, she helped me easily dissolve shame, break through hidden negative messages about myself, and create the art space I dreamed of but found impossible to create on my own. I still get a big smile looking at her quirky, fun handwriting on the labels on my supply drawers. I continue to be inspired after all these years. Debra is a truly gifted and unique person, overflowing with grace and vibrant energy. Her presence inspires healing and growth.
— E.L.

I would Love to Support You on Your Journey!

Do you have more questions about Life Coaching?  Please feel free to ask away, below!  x Debra.

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